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Disclaimer: If you’re not like me, a passionate entrepreneur who is plagued by a dream that they have to fulfill in this lifetime, I won’t waste your time.
I’m not for you.
You can close this tab. 

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Who the heck is TickleMeWet?
TickleMeWet is a Full-Time Music Composer
whose passion is now supported by a High-Ticket Sales business.

Why are you here?
I’m here on earth to bring my musical vision to life. After countless turmoils on searching for the meaning for life, in one of my deepest nights of meditation, I finally stumbled upon my truest purpose on earth - music & sound.


Every waking moment from that night onwards has been spent on bringing that musical embryo inside my soul’s womb, out into the world.

P.S: I ONLY develop+perform LIVE, the music that takes birth from my deep meditations. No compromises.

You might say- What a stuck-up A**Hole!

I have thought about it too. It's Scary AF! 


While following this ridiculous dream in the face of life’s practicalities has been difficult, I have also been presented with the most ridiculous financial opportunities to keep my dream going.

How do you get paid?

Being myself, makes me different; which draws curiosity on me, which leads to people asking me how I make money?

This natural flow is the first step to attraction marketing, which allows you to affiliate with products/companies that align with your values.


While there are many low-ticket offers, I chose to partner with a high-ticket offer that has a patented compensation plan which gives out nearly 70% of its profits in commissions & helps save the planet.


As 'being myself' is what is expected of me, the things I do naturally become marketable & monetizable.

Why do you want us to come watch you?

The most frustrating and painful part for a passionate, visionary, or creative entrepreneur is to have to compromise by working for a pay-cheque. They know the zeal and drive they have inside which is sitting dormant. Building somebody else’s dream, when they have such a vast dream inside is agonizing!

If you feel the synchronicity in these words, as if they were specifically written for you, then you can watch the video below and get a personal call booked for yourself to learn more.

You’ll have the chance to break through the shackles, and go achieve what you’re here on earth to do.


P.S: However, If at any point you don't feel it is the best fit for you, let us know and we can stop pursuing it.

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