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Attention Musicians, Artists, Creatives,  Art Aficionados, and Connoisseurs!

“Every year more than 72% of creative people above the age of 50 who didn't follow their dream; quit their creative career, and get back to some form of employment they hate, as passion alone couldn’t pay their bills, live on to tell a tale of regret and lost opportunity.


Could You Be the Next Big SELL-OUT?”

If you’re someone in the creative industry, then you simply can’t ignore your financial health anymore. The good news is that you’re a creative individual and there are way more creative financial solutions than going back to grandpa’s good ol’ 9-5 recipe. Read on to find out how…


Dear Artist,

No one wants to think about it, but it truly is the elephant in the room. And that elephant is only going to get bigger and harder to ignore as you start trading your time, when you could be performing to a packed crowd, or hosting an art exhibition, or working for your dream director for grandpa’s 9-5.

Right now the statistics are startling. Every year, more than 45% of creatives regret having NOT invested more, or for that matter, not having invested at all, in the last decade, when the grass was greener. 

While around 34% of them bought into the social dogma around investing being a viable option to build your financial future on, 11% of them refrained because of a silly idea, that investing is complicated! 

Could you imagine going back to a 9-5, trading 8 hours of your time, after playing to a packed house of an audience singing every word of your song’s chorus word-to-word?

Sadly that happens more often than you could imagine, and it's heart-breaking to be honest.

In the creative field alone, where creative solutions to life’s problems are expected to be found, over 70% of people suffer from financial deprivation and depression. And that doesn’t even count the people who never quit their jobs because their artistic and musical dreams were “Risky”!

If you are a creative thinker as all artists are, then you’ve probably thought about this before. You probably realize that you’re a statistic waiting to happen. You’ve probably realized what a nightmare it would be if a few of your current gigs or art contracts don't go your way, and you’re pulled back into the survival game. And it probably scares you out of your mind.

If so, you’re
NOT alone!

Would you believe that?!

And you’re not over-reacting. This is a very real and very serious problem, especially for those who deeply know that they’re put on earth for something special, then to slog for 40 years, just to exist on the planet!

Worse yet, even people who do fairly well in the arts, music, and creative fields, know that you gotta do a lot of commercial projects that don’t align with your creative instincts.

To be honest, I’ve been first-hand in these kinds of situations, surrounded by my fellow musicians, putting beats to a track they hate, or scratching through that last sample on a jingle they would never ever listen to again!

While for the outside world, you are still in the creative field, the REAL question to be asked is-Is this what you signed up for, when the inner child in you, decided to pursue its dreams?

I feel this just makes matters worse. Social feedback says you’re living your DREAM life, being in the arts, being in the music industry. But internally you know
you may actually be doing more harm than good. 

All creatives know that your inspiration and ideas only flow when you’re being authentic to the process.

Doing jingles you hate, or working in art houses, doing things you’d rather not do,

is not what the original dream looked like, did it?


Externally people assume you’re happy, but internally, you know you’re a mess… 

It's really devastating to see so many of my fellow talents go into the rabbit hole. Quit their dream, and enter the cookie-cutter. While they’re probably in their late 20s now, they’ve been dead for close to half a decade now.

It’s sad when it happens. You really feel like talking them out of it. And it’s disheartening to see them do terrible jobs, when their destiny held so much more in store for them.

Point is, creativity is a gift and we have NOT been given it with no rhyme or reason behind it. But, we’ve all got to eat. And it takes time to grow your knowledge about the workings of money to get to a stage where you find ways to make it work for you, rather than it sending you nine to five feet underneath!

I’m speaking from personal experience.

Nobody wants a sad ending to a talent that ‘Might Have Been’. And the good news is that…

In 2023, there are more ways to make money work for you than there are ways to work for someone else, expecting them to leave you some extra crumbs.


Now You Too Can Become Financially Self-Sufficient - Trust Me!

That’s right, you no longer have to lie awake at nights worrying about when your tour is going to stop, or how long your savings are going to keep you afloat. Because when you know how your existing capital can multiply in a nurturing environment, you’ll finally have a glimpse of a possible future, you thought wasn't meant for you. 

While multiplying money, otherwise known as investing, can be a mundane and dead affair  experience for most creatives, it doesn't always have to be so.

In our creative industry, there are little to few dedicated Investment platforms that cater specifically to the unique needs of an artist, which is very different from the corporate hunk in a suit.

That's where we stepped in, and decided to do something about it!

Do you want to work FOR money for the next 20-30-40 years, or do you want to figure out sustainable ways in which your money could multiply. A.k.a. “Work for You” for the next 20-30-40 years?

If so then read on, otherwise you can close this tab.


A unique way of safely investing and multiplying your hard-earned music bucks in stable earth-made commodities, which grow at a steady enough pace, for you to finally wave ta-ta to grandpa’s good ‘old 9-5 in less than 12 months!   

Oh come on, not another investment claim! Is it another get rich quick prank?

I know, I know…The word investment and money doubling claims are all over the internet and have a bad rep. However, have you ever used your ‘creative’ left brain instead of our unconscious and dogmatic right brain to look into the matter of money actually working for you?

Let me ask you something 

The Investment Canvas:

What you see above are listings of the results of our first 4 weeks of investing, with The Investment Canvas. Starting off at $5000, we slowly but steadily started ramping up the profits,  over the weeks. 

At the end of week 1, we had crossed $8000, and by the end of week 2, we had crossed $9000.

We finished the month at a profit of 237% with NO Loss days!

Yep, you heard it right. No loss days.

Well, how do we know that’s true?

That’s exactly the question we were waiting for, as it lets us show you our performance-something  that we’re sooo excited to share!


So, the simplest way to check that we haven't lost a day yet, is by doing a quick addition of all the “Red” numbers on a given day. 


Well, I don’t really understand these numbers… 


Okay. We’ll make it simpler. So each receipt shows our investing performance on that given day.

You can see the date on the top left of each page. The example below is from 22nd May 2023.

Copy of 220523.jpg

BLACK for investment…

So the black numbers that you see highlighted in the centre column on each receipt are the actual investments we make on a given day. As you might notice, we ideally do 4 investments a day.

RED for profits…

Now, just see the RED numbers below the BLACK ones. That’s the money we made on each investment. If you see a (-) minus sign, then it was a loss. If you see no sign on the RED then it was a profit. 

It's as simple as that.


Now coming back to the question-

How can we check that we’ve never lost a day?

Just add up all the RED numbers on a given day. In our example above, the REDs add up to $720 +$840 -$500 +$345.6 which equals $1405.6 

So, as you can see, we made a $500 loss on the third investment and still came out with a net profit of $1405.6 on 9th June 2023.

So in the example below, we invested $720, $500, $1750 and $2000  in succession on 9th June. 

So, that’s the simplest way in which you could check. You can pull out any of the investment receipts from all the days we’ve traded till now and simply add all the REDs. You’re never going to find a net LOSS on a day.

Say, you and 9 other investors invested $10 each with us. That builds our joint account to $100.

Now, on any given day, we only invest 30-55% i.e. $30-$55, out of the $100.

55% on extremely positive days, when the markets are absolutely stable.

We invest 30% when the market is doing okay.If the markets are bad, we don't invest at all.

So say, on an okayish market day, we invested 30% which is $30 from the $100 joint capital.

We do 4 trades a day.

That means our BLACK numbers would look like maybe 9+8+6+7

We invest the least in the unstable ones.

Say we lost both the last trades of $6 and $7 (which is highly unlikely.)

We would lose $13, and maybe have $4+$3 on the first two trades.

SO the BLACK numbers’ tally looks like: 
$4+$3-$6-$7 which leaves us at a net loss of -$6.

So, how much did you lose in this hypothetical doomsday example?

$6 divided by 10 investors, leaving you with a net loss of 60 cents.

Now, with a backup capital of $94 in the account, do you think 60 cents is a BIG unrecoverable number to cover up?

Absolutely NOT!

And this is just one doomsday example (which by the way, hasn't happened till now)

The 60 cents would be swept clean in the next investment, and you’ll be back on track.

Well, but you did lose $500. What if you had lost more? Isn’t that how losses start in investments?

Let us explain to you our 3 fold “You Fall-We Catch” approach.


If you go through the receipts and add up all the daily BLACK investment numbers, you’re bound to notice a pattern. They never cross more than $5000 or $6000 on any given day.

For example, our account is currently poised at $14952. But, we never enter a day, investing all of it. We invest anywhere between 30% to 55% of the total joint capital of all investors.


So only 30-55% of your money, within the joint account was exposed to trading on a given day.


Let's make it simpler with an example.

Good Question. 

  1. Your money is shared in a joint investors’ pool. Which means risk is divided.

  2. Only 30 of your money is ever invested in an okayish day, leaving the rest safely sitting in the bank.

  3. Our equations make sure that 4 investments are strategically placed in a curve in a way that at least 3 always win.

    Additional Precautions:

  4. Doomsday can only happen when we lose 2 trades.

  5. How miniscule is the loss with 2 losses, was demonstrated in the $100 account, 60 cents loss example.

  6. We never enter the market, when it looks dodgy. IN the last 2 weeks when the markets have been dodgy, we entered just once. And came out fine.

  7. We know that investors prioritise ‘Not losing’ over the possibilities of winning a bit more.

So we throw caution to the wind before the storm even starts.

The way this 3 fold “You Fall-We Catch” approach works is that:

But why do I hear
so many people losing money all the time?

Well, now that you’ve understood the way we invest, you can pretty much answer that question yourself. In most lost cases, all or almost all of the money is invested. That's how you could literally “Lose it all”.

Or there are most likely brokers involved. They make money on the high number of trades, not necessarily on money management, like us. 

We don't use brokers, cause the founder is the one investing & we charge you on the profits we make for you, not the number of trades.

So no need for compulsive and daily investing…

The need or compulsion to trade everyday, or take risks, isn’t beneficial for us.

Hence, the “No Net Losses ” is easier to maintain, as our priorities are different. 


But there has got to be a catch somewhere…

And, Alas there is!
Just kidding. ;)

So since we don't trade on days when the market is dodgy,

we ask for a certain time frame. Ideally, when we trade 3+ days a week,

we almost double the investment amount…

It took us 3 weeks to do that.

So we’re asking for 6 weeks, or 45 days to do that with you.


Why 45 days? 


It's ample time to be able to come close to or cross 200%, even if there are weeks when the market isn’t doing great. 


So we ask for a 45 day

lock-in period with us.

After that, you are free to continue or withdraw, as you may see fit. 

Sounds cool…

But where does the money go? 

We use the UBS trading platform. We do so, as it primarily absorbs your transfer charges. This means that your international deposit or withdrawal would not have additional charges, which preserves a lot of your profits.


Let me explain.

Say, you deposited $10 after speaking with the banker.

$10 is deposited. There are no transfer fees.

So, if no profits were made, your $10 stays the same.

If we made profits and your account went up to $15, then we charge $1.

We charge $1, as $1 is 20% of $5, which is the profit.


 You get back the full $14 in your bank account upon withdrawal as withdrawal charges are absorbed.

No pesky charges, no hidden maintenance fees, no extra charges, other than the one we mentioned.

Curious ?
Here are some Investors Testimonials ...

"The opportunity to invest came at a time when I needed the money quickly. I took a chance on my investment growing rather than sitting in my account not accruing any interest. I was blessed with extra funds with no effort on my part."


Lene Channels

Antonella Gallo

This has been a great way to earn from my savings.
I started with a small amount of $125 and $100 consequtively and I was able to withdraw $283 after two weeks.

Although there were a few hiccups when transferring from the U.K. things got sorted out and I can now transfer and withdraw directly from the Investment Canvas account with Sai's help which is always available."


Jatin Dubey:

"One great thing I had in my experience so far is the fact that I never experienced a loss, this is also because they have been very cautious when trading and they've never invested the full amount, which allowed me to have more trades even after a loss and...whenever there was a loss on one commodity, there was a win on another, so really it has been a win-win"

Hey Everyone , My name is Jatin. I am a college student who was looking for ways to earn some cash , that is when I learned about UBS but was not sure how to do it . I did my research on The Investment Canvas and realised I need people who are professional in this thing .

I invested in The Investment Canvas starting at 630 dollars and in a single trade earned 122 dollars out of which 24 dollars was for the uplines and got 98 dollars in the first trade itself.....

I wish that I should have invested more..... cause this thing has the potential to make your capital so big that you don't need to go for a job for money.... rather you could do what you want to even calculated a rough idea to make 600 dollars to 10000 dollars considering the not so good days for trades and the time limit everything , this could be done within an year , which may seem like a long time but the amazing part is that The Investment Canvas has exponential growth meaning it might take time for 2 to get to 16 but from 16 to 128 will take less time ..... 

so the only regret you can have is "I should have invested more..."

If you bring people under you then you won't even have to pay 20% of the profit rather you will get 10% of profit of your downline ... more people you bring in more will you earn from their profits as well 

Now you may ask "how does that work?" 


A point may come where you don't even have to invest more since profits of people under you will make your capital big ...


"The fact that there were no days when I saw them lose money was quite's quite calming to know that we win, or there's no investment happening. But no losses....less headaches"




Lene Channels

Antonella Gallo

Well, How exactly do you make money then?

One of the perks of this business model is that founders have their capital invested along with you too. So we’re making all of the 237% profits on our capital before we even moved over to the 20% profits on our investors.

I see investing like cooking. 

Say there are hosts who have an open invitation for guests to join them for a potluck lunch.

The hosts cook for themselves to eat anyway. So they would cook/invest regardless of whether someone is coming or not. If there are guests, they might bring along some food. The guests contribute a bit for using the host’s residence. Everyone has a good time and a memorable meal together.  

So, in a nutshell, whether or not someone joins, the hosts enjoy multiplying their money with sound investing. However, it's fun to share, grow, and make more returns with other like-minded creatives as well.

Let me ask you something…

How Much Is It?

Is slogging the rest of your youth, working on things you hate, worth the effort of keeping your expenses to a minimum for the next months? 

Is it worth avoiding, or is it worth taking the plunge, holding your expenses tight for a few months, but knowing that you’re making money in a way that doesn't require you slogging away your precious time?  

The question is- Is the current reality bad enough for you to take the plunge?

If so, then I have some marvellous news for you. Because if you act right now, you can get into our Investment Canvas Elite Route, which has 25 slots only.

You can imagine that we can’t keep the 20% only on profits, without any other charges for a long time. As the capital grows, the next batch of investors would have some management fees included, as there’ll be more salaries paid out.

So, you’re basically entering now on an absolute steal of a deal.  

Be part of our  Investment Canvas Elite Route’s 25 Customers who join right away, and you’ll stay at the current rates, with no extra charges, and see your wealth grow to a point where you can say ta-ta to grandpa’s good ‘ol 9-5!

If the thought of having to work everytime you need money, instead of money growing by itself on the sidelines, hasn't quite scared you outta your wits, then think again!

To make matters worse, cause that’s what I do, lol, just look around, you artist!

Does the world around you look sane enough for you to not add your touch of creativity to the way the daily bread is earned?

If you’ve thought at night that man, there’s gotta be a better way to get through life, then you’re at the right precifix.

That’s because you’re about to discover an astonishing, surefire way to change your financial future and of those around you too.

Here’s what’s inside:

The “works like magic” way to build your money and multiply it in a way that slowly gets you financially free! You’re gonna love the way this gives you short term relief and long term freedom.

But, ….

But, it is a strong word.

I also know the feeling of not having seen money grow without you actually working for it. If that’s you and all of this sounds a bit fairy-tale-ish, then I totally get you! A lot of come from that place, and the shift in mindset is tough.

Let me take you through the journey of how this can impact your life, starting right this moment:

The Path to Artistic Time Freedom 

Our platform is designed to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities to unlock your financial potential. Through our innovative investment strategies, including commodities like gold, silver, and crude oil futures, we generate returns that fuel your artistic pursuits. 

But it doesn't stop there.
Let's dive into the transformative power of extra passive income:

 Extra $50/month:

Now, picture this: with just an extra $50 per month, your journey begins. It may seem like a drop in the ocean, but it's the spark that ignites a wildfire of possibilities. 

That $50 signifies more than mere dollars; it represents the shift from idle potential to tangible growth. Instead of your money gathering dust in a bank account, creating 6% per year, it starts working for you, compounding and generating returns that pave the way for the artistic life you've always envisioned.

 Extra $100/month:

Hey, that paid for all my groceries last month! I'm starting to feel the weight lifting off my shoulders. 

(Imagine the sheer liberation of having an additional $100 each month, effortlessly covering your grocery bills and granting you the freedom to focus on your craft without the worry of financial strain.)

 Extra $250/month: 

Finally, I can buy the top notch art supplies, get music gear on monthly instalments, pay the down money for my favourite guitar without hesitation. It's the freedom to create without limitations.

 Extra $500/month: 

Wait, does this mean I don't have to worry about my rent anymore? Financial stress is becoming a thing of the past. 

 $1000/month revenue created by your investments: 

This is more than just a part-time solution; it's a significant step towards financial independence. I'm gaining control over my destiny. 

But here's where the magic truly unfolds. 

As your monthly income through Investment Canvas reaches $500, $1000, and beyond, you start to witness a transformation that transcends financial security. 


You begin to question the need for a traditional 9-5 job that suffocates your artistic spirit. With the potential to replace your income and beyond, you'll find yourself stepping into a world where your art is not only a passion but also a prosperous profession.

 $2500 liquid cash available due to your systematic investments:  

But here's where it gets truly exciting. As your monthly income through Investment Canvas reaches $2500, you're on the cusp of a life-altering possibility—an opportunity to join our high-ticket online business. 

This business model opens the door to legacy wealth creation, where the potential for substantial returns becomes a reality. 

Imagine the freedom of not only supporting your artistic endeavours but also building a lasting financial legacy for yourself and future generations.

Then comes doubling your money- getting you past $3617 in profits, taking your account past $7200:

For this, I’m sure you’ve got your own special plans laid out ;)


The Investment Canvas Elite is not just an investment pack; it's a catalyst for your artistic evolution and financial empowerment.

We provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support to thrive financially while dedicating more time to your craft. Together, we'll shatter the myth of the struggling artist and rewrite the narrative of artistic success.

All that you’ve only dreamed about creating your dream life until now – it’s easier than you think!

But you need to act fast on that dream of yours, as this offer is strictly limited

to the next 25 people who click here to join us!

And best of all…

You grow with a community of like-minded people together.

I know that someone who you know, has tried to invest before and it didn’t happen. But it wasn’t your fault.


Risk Free Trial

But you can rest assured that The Investment Canvas Elite really works. Simply book your call today risk-free, and you’ll have a 5 days deposit to withdrawal process to use and check the transfers and our services. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us within day 5 and you’ll get a prompt refund.


No quibbles, no questions, no hoops to jump through. Simply put, if you’re not absolutely thrilled with how The Investment Canvas Elite really works, then you don’t pay a single penny. That’s a promise!


So now there’s just one thing left for you to do…

Click To Book A Call Below Now to Avoid Disappointment

It’s time to give your dreams a go, it's time to fly high like the person you were meant to be. And there’s no better way to do it than by clicking the NOW! 

So let those inhibitions and fears that hold you back, loose for a second, and click the “book now” button below now to get started, because there’s no better time to change your financial and creative future than NOW!

Signing off,

The Investment Canvas Team

Don’t become another statistic on the list of failed dreams – protect the child who dreamed, inside of you alive, and let's take the leap, let's take the RED pill! 


And do it now, because it's just ‘you’ standing in the way of your financial situation completely transforming in the next 45 days to come! 

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